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Churchill's Secretary

by Nel, Elizabeth Paperback / softback , 224 pages
Publication date:
British Library Publishing 
United Kingdom 

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After four and a half years spent recording the dictation of one of history's greatest leaders, Elizabeth Nel decided to record events in her own words. At first resisted by Churchill, her astonishing memoir was eventually published in 1958, and remains a fascinating tale of tirelessness and tenacity in the face of national adversity.

Seven Pillars of Wisdom

by: Lawrence, T. E.

Written between 1919 and 1926, this text tells of the campaign aganist the Turks in the Middle East, encompassing gross acts of cruelty and revenge, ending in a welter of stink and corpses in a Damascus hospital.

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The Letters of J.R.R.Tolkien

by: Tolkien, J. R. R.

A comprehensive collection of letters spanning the adult life (1914-1973) of one of the world's most famous storytellers.

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