The best foreign-language bookstore in Budapest with the largest selection of English, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish books, newspapers and magazines.
The best foreign-language bookstore in Budapest with the largest selection of English, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish books, newspapers and magazines.
The best foreign-language bookstore in Budapest with the largest selection of English, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish books, newspapers and magazines.

Bestsellers first opened its shop at number 11 Oktober 6. utca in September 1992. It was formerly a grocery store. From 1995 for 9 years we operated a dedicated academic bookshop specializing in the social sciences on the campus of the Central European University. In 2004 the opportunity came to expand the original shop and since then we operate as a general and academic bookshop under the same roof. We also act as a newsagent for foreign newspapers and magazines as well as a selection of English Language DVD’s making it a favorite one-stop destination for our many regulars customers.

The grocery which became the original Bestsellers bookshop.

Bestsellers' motto is “Through Books to Knowledge and Dreams” and our purpose is to showcase the best new books published every month and to order for our customers the books they need for study, work or the pleasure of reading. In this field we are already the leading bookseller in downtown Budapest. We also provide a website of shopping: leverages the power of Bestsellers’ brand from our retail store to our online customers and thus makes it the premier web destination in Hungary for books, newspapers, magazines and a selection of English language films on DVD’s. Our long-term partnerships enables us to offer online access to a database of over 3 million books which is completely up-to-date, and is refreshed every 10 minutes so that you can see real-time availability for stock in the shop and at our partners’ warehouse.

Bestsellers April 2014

The selection of books in our shop is carefully curated by our buyers who order titles directly from the main commercial publishers, as well as the University presses and many small, independent houses. The titles on our shelves also reflect the tastes and proclivities of our regular clients for whom we chose titles we believe they may find interesting and so open for them new avenues to explore. We know how to capture the prevailing Zeitgeist but we also propose classics whose time may have come again. In short, we aim to provide temptation, surprise and the joy of discovery.


We are a respected, independent bookshop, based in central Budapest since 1992. With our extensive expertise and personal customer service, we think we offer a far better experience than an anonymous online bookstore.

We are price competitive.

If you buy books from Amazon for the lowest price, try us instead, let us surprise you! If you live local, buy local.

Our website also offers export and early export editions which are often available in airports but not usually available in the main bookshops of the UK or USA. We offer you the best of both worlds.

Our database of books is completely up-to-date, during day-time it is refreshed every 10 minutes and you get real-time availability for stock in the shop and at our wholesalers.

If the book you want is not in our shop, chances are our wholesaler will have it and you can see it on the website and still place your order.

Reserve online, collect in-store: no postage charges, you pay as you wish, credit card, PayPal or cash.

Your book order will not be lost or damaged in the mail, we use private transporters or couriers, not the mail system and we keep your book until collection.

Bestsellers is an independent bookshop and all our booksellers have a participation in the company. Your business keeps us going – put us to the test!

We have real, professional booksellers with an average experience of 12 years. You can contact us direct by phone, e-mail or in person. If, on the rare occasion that something goes wrong and you want to discuss it with us, we are here in person to listen, explain and find a solution.

We are customer friendly, you can browse in peace or ask for advice and we always have change. We are non-bureaucratic and we almost always find a solution if a problem should occur.

We have a popular Out-of-Print book search service, tell us what you need and chances are we can get it for you. We do a lot of special orders at affordable prices.

Bestsellers is a real, physical shop and it's in downtown Budapest open 7 days a week, we are only closed on some official public holidays.

Our selection of books in the shop, which includes much more than just "Bestsellers", receives new books every week.

 Contact info

1051 Budapest, Október 6. u. 11.
Tel / Fax: +36-1-312-1295

Mo - Fri: 10.00  - 18.30 
Sat: 11.00 - 18.00

15. April: 12.00-18.00
16. April. 11.00-18.00
17., 18. April: closed

Cégjegyzék szám: 01-09-078-449
Adószám: 10601293-2-41


Tony Lang

managing director

I started this bookshop in 1992 to offer Budapest readers a better choice than was available at the time. More than 20 years later this is the best bookshop of its kind in Budapest thanks in great part to a loyal clientele. With my colleagues we work as a team and my task is to contribute to the development both of the shop and that of my colleagues to take on more and more of my responsibilities so that eventually I will become redundant, but not just yet. I'm a graduate of Leicester University (BA SOC SCI) I speak 6 languages, I've travelled the world enough not to need to travel much anymore and I read History and Philosophy for pleasure.



shop manager

I love children, that is why I originally trained to be a kindergarten teacher. I then switched careers and worked in a bank for 2 years and a further 2 years in a textile shop. Finally I joined Bestsellers in 1994 and I’m still here. I am the shop manager and hence deal with all the administration, logistics, co-ordination, etc.
                    Sections: Fiction, Crime and thrillers, Hungarian History + Literature

                    My most recent hobby is to ride a scooter. The books I enjoyed most recently are” The 100 Year old Man, and I like Jill Mansell and in crime I just discovered Gillian Flynn.



I started working at Bestsellers by accident many-many years ago: I saw the advert for the job in the bookstore while looking for an ice-cream shop in October 6. street. I have enjoyed working here ever since, it’s a very pleasant place where you can meet nice people and find good books every day.
I am responsible for the Italian, the Russian, the Art, the Children's and the Young Adult sections + some smaller academic ones. I also do a lot of background work and I manage the Facebook page of the shop.



I worked for 6 years in various positions at Libri bookstores before joining Bestsellers in 2005. I read mainly fantasy, sometimes historical fiction/history or crime, or anything which looks interesting. My sections are: Fantasy, Science-Fiction, books in German, books in French, notebooks, and other shinies :) I'm an avid MMO player, GW2 rulez :) I'm in love with Prague, and started learning Czech recently.



I received my certificate in book retail from Gutenberg János Könyvkereskedelmi Szakközépiskola. I have been working at Bestsellers since 2017. First I was a part-timer, now I work here full time. I like reading, cats, tea, and being with my friends.

Photography: Mag Veronika
Legal advice: Lánchidi István
Web development: Axio Kft.
Sitebuild: Ravasz Balázs


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